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Sign Maintenance

Everyday, every impression made on a potential customer is a negative one when the sign is not looking its best. With proper care, signs can be maintained and looking their best for every impression.

To use the expression, stitch in time saves nine. A sign maintenance program can simplify your work life, save time for business owners , save money and have your business looking it’s best.

Sign maintenance is part of a complete sign management program, which should include the following:

  • Sign Inspection and Evaluation
  • Design and Visual Presentation
  • Planning Applications
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management companies

There are three basic methods of sign management that are used as follows:

  1. Complete Replacement Method

    This entails replacing all the signs in a building or campus, after a set interval of time. This happens no matter the appearance of the signage at the time. This time depends upon the life of the materials used.

  2. Sign Inspection

    This involves a physical inspection of signage, on an annual or biannual basis. Those signs which don’t meet the requirements are identified for replacing or repair.

  3. Sign Database Management System

    This involves maintaining a database of detailed information off all signage and and signage installation. This system will identify when a sign reaches the end of it’s service life. This list is then used to fabricate the necessary signs and have re- installed.

    This method requires the least labor.

    What services might a sign maintenance contract provide for your Organisation?

    1. All signs will be properly maintained and kept looking at it’s best.
    2. A copy of all signage design and text should be maintained so as to be legible and complete.
    3. The sign structure shall be maintained in a vertical position unless originally permitted otherwise, and shall be maintained in safe condition at all times.
    4. All parts and surfaces shall be cleaned, painted or replaced as necessary to maintain the original appearance.
    5. Electrical systems shall be in a safe condition at all times.

Proper maintenance of your signage is vital, a bad sign or no sign is a sign of no business. Call our team or experts if you have any question about existing signage and repairs.